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Nestled in the heart of Central Oklahoma, GTS Ranch is a testament to the majestic beauty and legacy of the Texas Longhorn.

Authentic, Proud, and Trusted Breeding

Our passion for the Texas Longhorn is evident in the meticulous care and dedication we invest in breeding. We understand the deep roots and significance of this iconic breed and are committed to preserving its authenticity. Our Longhorns boast impeccable lineage, registered status, and the classic traits that make this breed so sought-after. 

Beyond Breeding: Premium Texas Beef

At GTS Ranch, our commitment extends beyond breeding. We take immense pride in offering high-quality, ethically raised beef. Our Longhorns graze freely on our pastures, ensuring that the beef you purchase is not only delicious but also a product of ethical and sustainable ranching practices. 

Join Our Legacy

Whether you are a breeder aiming to enhance your herd with the finest Texas Longhorns or a culinary enthusiast seeking premium beef, GTS Ranch welcomes you. Dive into our website to explore our available cattle, learn more about our practices, or simply to revel in the legacy of the Texas Longhorn.

Garrett Sullivan & Tamara Sullivan Founders, GTS Ranch LLC


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