About Us

GTS Ranch was born from a few commercial head of cattle that we inherited from Garrett's late grandfather and his love of horses. Garrett's grandfather was a member of the American Quarter Horse Association and National Cutting Horse Association for over 15 years. He bred and competed with champion cutting horses. When he passed in January 2022, he left behind a small herd of commercial cattle used for cutting practice and continued breeding. Years later, we expanded into Registered Texas Longhorns. After doing a ton of research and planning, we had our sights set on finding some quality bred cows. This lead us to the Schumachers and we eventually purchased our first cows from their ranch. We have continued to grow the GTS herd with some of the Schumachers finest calves and genetics.

Growing up on a horse ranch, Garrett has a deep seeded love for all animals, specifically livestock. Cattle are great land managers, grazing on lands that may not be otherwise used by humans. This allows for the ecosystem around them to benefit in a plethora of ways. Preserving the untouched land that we have is near and dear to our hearts. Cattle are necessary for our everyday lives, providing beef, gelatin, leather, and byproducts that we may or may not realize we use daily. We are excited to continue discovering the whole of the industry, whether commercial cattle, beef cattle, or Registered Texas Longhorns.

GTS Ranch's goal is to breed and raise quality cattle that are of such quality that anyone would be proud to own them. Aside from that, our plan is to produce Registered Texas Longhorns that have body, horn and color noticeable to even the novice cattleman. We hope to establish ourselves in this industry like Garrett's grandfather did with cutting horses and to carry his legacy on through this business by establishing a known bloodline of our own one day. 

Though we are new to the Longhorn industry, we are excited about the opportunities that is has and will continue to offer.

-The Sullivans