About Us

GTS Ranch: A Legacy Reinvented

Rooted in a storied past, GTS Ranch evolved from a handful of commercial cattle inherited from Garrett's late grandfather and a shared passion for horses. A stalwart member of the American Quarter Horse Association and National Cutting Horse Association for over a decade and a half, Garrett's grandfather not only bred but also competed with champion cutting horses. When he left us in January 2022, he bequeathed a compact yet determined herd, previously instrumental or cutting practice and ongoing breeding. 
Inspired by this legacy and driven by a vision, our journey into the realm of Registered Texas Longhorns began. Comprehensive research and strategic planning led us to the renowned Schumacher Cattle CO. It was here that we found our foundation cows, and since then, the GTS herd has thrived, incorporating the Schumachers' premier calved and stellar genetics. 

Raised amidst the equine rhythm of a horse ranch, Garrett's profound affinity for livestock is palpable. Cattle, with their innate ability to manage land, graze territories often overlooked by human endeavors, enhancing the encompassing ecosystem. For us, the sanctity of pristine landscapes resonates deeply. Beyond the bucolic, cattle weave into our daily tapestry, offering beef, gelatin, leather, and an array of byproducts integral to our lifestyles. Our venture into commercial cattle, beef cattle, and especially Registered Texas Longhorns is both an exploration and a commitment.

At GTS Ranch, our aspiration is clear: to breed exceptional cattle, specimens that stand out in form, horn, and hue, even to the untrained eye. Our mission is twofold - to emulate the cutting horse legacy established by Garrett's grandfather and to carve our own niche with a distinctive bloodline in the Longhorn industry.